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Monday, December 22, 2008

World's First Ever Glass Violin

Glass Violin

Hirom Glass Violin is a product of Hario Glass Co. Ltd., Japan. And also, The world’s first hand made glass violin. This remarkable piece of art comes from a block of heat-resistant glass. Individually numbered violins highlight the exclusivity of the hand-painted, $3,500 product.

Click here to watch the Video of playing Glass Violin

CLICK Here For More Pictures of World's First Ever Glass Violin... Also Enjoy the Video and Watch Yourself How It Sounds......


Lexi said...

Hm....Actually, Violins don't have the "peg leg" on the bottom, which leaves me to believe that this is actually a cello. :)

javieth said...

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kimberly said...

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christy said...

yeah right this must be a cello! I can't imagine what sound would come up to play this. The glass is quite heavy. it would be difficult to carry on. Very fragile! :) looks modern!